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Somerset Hospital Home Health
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223 South Pleasant Ave
  Somerset , PA 15501
Phone:  814-443-4663
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Customer Satisfaction is Our Main Concern

     Home Health and Hospice Care is a department of Somerset  
serving all of Somerset County.

     Many people, in today's health care delivery system, find that 
     they must recover from illnesses or injury in their home.  We 
     can help by providing a comprehensive range of services on 
     the home.

Advantages of Home Care

  • Quality professional care in the comfort of your home

  • Less expensive than hospitalization

  • Promotes health and independence, studies show that 
    patients heal more quickly at home

  • Returns employees to the workplace faster  

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   Home Health and Hospice Care ensures the confidentiality of patient   
   care and services.

   At the time of admission, the patient is given a copy of the Notice of  
   Privacy Practices.  This notice describes ho medical information about
   the patient may be used and disclosed.  It also explains how the
   patient can get access to this information.

   Click here to obtain a copy of the HIPPA Notice of Privacy Practices.


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